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Shalla Lalla

Shalla Lalla delivers beloved Finnish pop classics with an ethnic twist.

Ensemble Shalla Lalla is an acoustic septet of skillful female singers whose interpretations vary from dramatic to cheerful. The songs are arranged for the group by experienced arranger, music teacher and Shalla Lalla singer Tuuli Puhakka.

The Shalla Lalla music happens solely with human voice without instruments, electrical device or set-up breaks and consequently the group can perform almost wherever and whenever.

Shalla Lalla has also gained credit in choir and singing ensemble competitions. In 2015 the group was one of the finalists at the international Tampereen Sävel competition.

Youtube: Appelsiinipuita Aavikkoon Live
Youtube: Elämä ikkunan takana

Johanna Sauramäki
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