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Rinne & Majamäki

Rinne & Majamäki is an exceptional duo that creates unique and meditative jazz sounds with woodwind instruments and innovative percussion.

Even though woodwinds specialist Tapani Rinne and percussionist Teho Majamäki have blazed many a lifetime’s worth of trails through unknown territories with dozens of artists ranging from jazz to ethno to rock and beyond, they are always on the lookout for inventive and exciting ways to express themselves.

When founding their acoustic meditative jazz duo, the adventurous explorers conjured up a unique modus operandi wherein the location is allowed to take an active role in the experience. By performing and recording in unusual places from ancient temples to modern industrial spaces, Rinne and Majamäki found novel ways of communicating not only with another but also with any given environment.

Rinne & Majamäki: Live performance in Kallio Church

Another breakthrough came recently as the twosome began utilizing cutting-edge technology for recreating these unusual soundscapes and their seemingly inimitable sonic properties anew in the studio. It was nothing short of a revelation as they came up with ways to bring the hypnotic, experimental and often otherworldly sounds on their albums Inside The Temple (2011) and Under the Ground (2015) to audiences in regular concert halls. Fresh, experimental meditation music stays on the skin when the music stops. In 2018 the duo is recording their third album.

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