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Piirainen Blom Saarenkylä

PIIRA (Piirainen Blom Saarenkylä) brings Finnish folk music and folk dance into 2020’s with a great buzz. The modern soundscape, physical expression and innovative playing techniques are seamlessly combined into musicians’ roots, which derive from the very depths of Finnish folk music and folk dance traditions. The combination of interesting instrumentation, exploding stage energy and touching stories create a unique and heartfelt live experience.

PIIRA is part of the Piirainen | Blom | Company collective where musicians and folk dancers join forces to create a fascinating show presenting modern-day folk tradition. In August 2020 guitarist J-P Piirainen and beatboxer, vocalist Venla Ilona Blom (Tuuletar) joined forces with accordionist Viivi Maria Saarenkylä (VILDÁ) to form a new trio Piirainen Blom Saarenkylä aka PIIRA.

The band’s debut album Matka / The Path under the name Piirainen | Blom | Company was released in 2020 (Bafe’s Factory) and immediately it climbed the charts rising eventually to the top 10 of the European World Music Chart. The album has evoked invigorating reviews and has been played in radio shows all over the world.

J-P Piirainen – acoustic guitar, guitele
Venla Ilona Blom – beatboxing, vocals
Viivi Maria Saarenkylä – accordion

“It’s hard to say what will surprise you more, whether it’s how they managed to realize such a cracking idea or the fact that you haven’t heard something so original and captivating in a long time.” Jiri Moravcik, Czech Republic

“An absolute 10 on the chart and a place on my TOP CHOICES OF 2020 list. MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.”  Lee Henderson, Big Beautiful Noise, USA


Touring Highlights 2021

Helsinki Festival, Block Concerts
Työväen Musiikkitapahtuma, Finland
Kaustinen Folk Music Festival, Finland
Kokkolan Talviharmonikka (online)
Afro Jazz Club, Puistokarkelot (online)
Saura Live International (online)


Musiikkitalo, Helsinki, Finland
Kaamospelit, Vantaa, Finland
Folklandia, Finland/Estonia


Laura Salokoski
+358 44 988 3397

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