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Päivi Hirvonen

Päivi Hirvonen – Fiddler with the Voice

Music to crack open stone” – fRoots, spring 2018

The dialogue between violin, voice and bowed lyre – with this instrumentation Päivi Hirvonen creates music that is filled with stories and strong emotions. The inspiration for her distinctive compositions comes from a Finnish tradition, and in her music one can hear the different aspects of what life has to offer. Päivi’s strong voice, skillful fiddling and charismatic performing are brought together in her music in a unique way.

Päivi’s debut solo album Alku – The Beginning  was released on January 2018 by the German label Nordic Notes. During her career Päivi Hirvonen has played different genres from folk and popular music to classical and performed both solo and with different ensembles and bands touring in Finland and abroad, for instance in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Russia, Spain, Germany, Belgium, Taiwan, Malaysia and Japan. Besides her solo project, other important and active bands at the moment are Okra Playground and LempiLempi duo. A new solo album by Päivi Hirvonen will be released in early autumn 2022.

Laura Salokoski
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Päivi Hirvonen Touring Highlights 2018-2019

Norrköping Folk Music Festival, Sweden
Hide & Seek Festival, Brussels, Belgium
Korrö Folkmusikfestival, Sweden
Siilifolk, Finland

Nordic Folk Alliance, Gothenburg, Sweden
Folkelarm, Oslo, Norway
Puistokarkelot, Helsinki, Finland
Kaustinen Folk Music Festival, Finland
Kihaus Folk Festival, Finland
Midgardsblot Open Air Festival, Norway
Haapavesi Folk, Finland
Euroradio Folk Music Festival, Moscow, Russia

Spotify: Alku / The Beginning 2018 (Nordic Notes)