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Maija Kauhanen

Maija Kauhanen – one woman orchestra

A powerfully expressive voice, deep-rooted kantele and inventive percussion: fleet-fingered virtuoso and one-woman band Maija Kauhanen specializes in Finnish kantele and its old and rare playing techniques. Weaving together polyrhythms and organic beats, she creates unique soundscapes and compelling grooves.

In May 2022, Maija Kauhanen released her second solo album Menneet (The Past, Nordic Notes). With the new material Maija Kauhanen takes a step towards being a singer-songwriter without losing the strong roots in tradition. The music draws influences from folk music, indie pop and film scores and tells stories of personal space and setting one’s boundaries. How much space is enough? How can a personal space be maintained and cherished, without letting it hold us back?

Kauhanen specializes in the rare Saarijärvi kantele from Central Finland. She plays the kantele in various tunings and with different playing styles, using her fingers, tiny wooden sticks as plectrums, a cello bow, an E-bow as well as other preparation materials like Blu Tack. Her percussion set consists of a kick drum, juju bean shaker, cymbals, wind bells, enamel pots and bowls, silver plates, metal muffin tins, trays and assorted kitchen utensils found at flea markets.


In 2017 Maija Kauhanen performed at WOMEX among the Official Showcase Selection. She has won several significant prizes:  Critics’ Spurs prize by the The Finnish Critics’ Association for “the best artistic breakthrough of the year”, “The newcomer of the year” prize in Finnish Ethnogala and the prestigious Emma Award for best ethno album of the year. Since, Maija Kauhanen has toured in more than 30 countries in Asia, America and all around Europe.

She is also member of the electro folk group Okra Playground (Womex’16 Official Selection) and a chamber folk trio Rönsy (FI).


Laura Salokoski
+358 44 988 3397

Maija Kauhanen touring highlights 2021

Ethno Port Poznan, Poland
Moriska Paviljongen, Malmö, Sweden
Tórshavn / Fuglafjørður, Faroe Islands
Riksscenen, Oslo, Norway
Helsinki Christmas Market, Finland
Hybrid Forms @ Tislaamo, Helsinki, Finland
Musiikkitalo Summer Terrace, Helsinki, Finland
Pielinen soi Festival, Paateri/Savonlinna, Finland
Halosenniemi, Tuusula
Taustatarinaklubi, Oulu, Finland
Maija Kauhanen & Tallari, Kaustinen, Finland


Festival Porta, Latvia
Festival Notes Polaires, Musiques Nordiques / ADEM, Geneve, Switzerland
Festival Roue Warouch, Plescop, France
Cordas World Music Festival, Azores (online)
Nordic Midsummer Festival, Japan (online)
EthnoPort Poznan, Poland (online)
KUMU Art Museum, Tallinn, Estonia
Fiskars FEM Festival, Finland
Kalevala Club, G Livelab, Helsinki, Finland
Etnosoi! Festival, Finland
Folklandia, Helsinki/Tallinn


Celtic Connections, Scotland UK
Folk Alliance International, Montréal, Canada
Il Festival de Músicas del Mundo, Colombia
World Cultures Festival, Hong Kong
Tønder Festival, Denmark
Kalottspel, Norway
Urkult, Sweden
Malmöfestivalen, Sweden
Korrö Folk Music Festival, Sweden
Festival Etnosur, Spain
Avanti! Summer Sounds, Finland
Locarno Folk, Switzerland
Hudba Sveta Zilina, Slovakia


Budapest Ritmo, Hungary
Finest Sounds, Tokyo, Japan
Tallinn Music Week, Estonia
Rudolstadt-Festival, Germany
Festival In The Streets, Ostrava, Czech Republic
Festival Boreal, Tenerife, Spain
Festival Cordas, Azores, Portugal
Arctic Paradise World & Jazz Event, Helsinki, Finland
Ilmiö, Turku, Finland
Kaustinen Folk Music Festival, Finland
Folkelarm, Oslo, Norway
Folk Alliance ExChange, Gothenburg, Sweden


WOMEX World Music Expo *Official Showcase Selection* Katovice, Poland
Nordic Cultural Festival, Seoul, South Korea
Beijing/Tianjin/Shanghai, China
FinnFest, Minnesota, US
Our Festival, Tuusula, Finland
Ethno Gala, Helsinki, Finland
Winter In Rotterdam Festival, Netherlands
Club Doelen, Rotterdam, Netherlands
Nordsjøfestivalen, Norway
Telemarkfestivalen, Norway
Nordic Showcase, Västerås, Sweden