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Ulla Pirttijärvi & Áššu base their indigenous music on traditional Sami yoik. Ulla Pirttijärvi yoiks about her relatives and her home villages Utsjoki and Angeli. Olav Torget and Harald Skullerud complement the ensemble with string instruments and percussions.

The band’s expression varies from wide atmospheres and quiet moods all the way to more uptempo grooves. The ensemble draws further inspiration from West African tradition, that has influenced the instrumental choices and unique sound of the debut album Áššu (Embers), out in April 2019 by Bafe’s Factory.

Ulla Pirttijärvi: (FI): Traditional yoik
Olav Torget (NO): Baryton guitar, oilcan guitar, african konting
Harald Skullerud (NO): Percussion, calimba, calabas, harmonium

Áššu Live at Riksscenen 2019

Touring highlights 2019

Riksscenen, Oslo, Norja (Album Release)
G Livelab, Helsinki (Album Release)
EtnoSalo, Finland
Etno-Espa Festival, Helsinki, Finland
Juuri Nyt Urban Folk Festival, Helsinki, Finland
Victoriateatern, Malmö, Sweden

Spotify: Vulleš Heaika (2019)
Spotify: Áššu (2019 Bafe’s Factory)

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