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"The philosophy of progressive rock seems like a world close to Vimma, but you can definitey hear the taste of folk music, classical music, funk and jazz." - Tove Dropsjöbacka, FMQ, 2019
”Unapologetic, I like it.” - Mari Koppinen, Helsingin Sanomat, 2019*

”With the force of Folk, Progressive Rock, Pop and God-knows-what, VIMMA struck itself into my memory circuits like a sledge-hammer” Mika Roth, Desibeli, 2019*

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Johanna Sauramäki
CEO, manager, agent
+358 50 548 1793
If you have any queries, please send message, and we will be in touch soon


The second album will be released at 2023

Antrasiitillesingle 2022
Meri ja Avaruus 2019