Neozombiepostfolk (EE)

A pinch of surrealism, modern folklore and talharpa revival. The old and the new stick together like water and sleet in duo Puuluup’s oeuvre. The instruments – talharpas – represent tradition and folklore and the characteristically susurrus sounds are sent through effect blocks and a looper. The lyrics and melodies are a mixture of musical memories and improvisation, and the inspiration is drawn from Finnish jouhikko repertoire, Sahel blues, chastushkas and other elements from the musical traditions from around the world. All kinds of random sources of inspiration are similarly important – unexpected excerpts from Polish TV series, old Estonian punk and sweetbread from Vormsi Island.

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Viimane suusataja 2021
Süüta mu Lumi 2018

Viimane suusataja was chosen as “The Folk Album of the Year” at the Estonian Music Awards 2022.

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