Päivi Hirvonen Fiddler With A Voice

Strong, deep voice, rootsy fiddle and a magical bowed lyre. Päivi Hirvonen’s second solo album Kallio (8/2022, Nordic Notes) presents a creative musician and composer.

Emma Nominee 2023

The music is rooted in Eastern and Western traditions of Finland and takes inspiration from film scores and pop music. Hirvonen’s use of Fenno-Ugric vocal techniques gives the songs their distinctive tone while the hypnotic and archaic sound of bowed lyre and rootsy fiddling set the ground. On stage, Päivi Hirvonen is joined by Tero Pajunen and Mirva Ormin, forming a one-of-the-kind trio of three singing fiddlers, to bring alive all the musical layers of the new album.

Päivi Hirvonen is one of the rising international folk music artists from Finland and a pioneer of simultaneous fiddling and singing. Päivi’s debut solo album Alku – The Beginning (2018, Nordic Notes) was nominated for the prestigious Emma Award in Finland and gained great reviews internationally. During her career, Päivi Hirvonen has performed both solo and with different ensembles touring in Finland and abroad. Besides the solo project, her other active bands are Okra Playground and LempiLempi.


Laura Salokoski
+358 44 988 3397


Kallio (Rock) Nordic Notes 2022
Alku - The Beginning Nordic Notes 2018