Okra Playground Electro folk

A combination of Finnish folk, electro and pop–rock where ancient instruments kantele and bowed lyre are combined with modern instruments and soundscapes.

Three mighty female voices, present-day lyrics, hypnotic rhythms and mystical energy create an energetic and relentlessly electrifying sound. 

The third album Itku (Cry) of the internationally acclaimed group was released in October 2022 by the German label Nordic Notes. The songs deal with global and social issues such as war, pandemics and mental health. Compared to their previous albums, the lyrics are more dominantly self-penned while the centuries-old texts of traditional runo singing still serve as an inspiration. 

The group has performed on prominent festivals such as the Rainforest World Music Festival in Malaysia, Celtic Connections in Scotland and Flow Festival in Helsinki and played and toured in Scandinavia, Estonia, Germany, Belgium, the UK and Hong Kong. During the next couple of years, the group will be heading for the United States for a series of tours each covering multiple states.

Okra Playground:
Maija Kauhanen – vocals, kantele
Päivi Hirvonen – vocals, fiddle, bowed lyre (jouhikko)
Essi Muikku – vocals, kantele
Sami Kujala – electric bass
Veikko Muikku – accordion, synthesizer
Oskari Lehtonen – percussion


Laura Salokoski
+358 44 988 3397


Itku (Cry) Nordic Notes 2022
Ääneni yli vesien Nordic Notes 2018
Turmio (Disgrace) Nordic Notes 2015

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