Katarina Barruk Sámi indie pop

Katarina Barruk

Katarina Barruk is known as one of Sábmie’s most interesting young artists. Barruk’s clear, distinctive voice, in combination with a steadfast presence on stage creates a unique space of vulnerability and strength. She delivers a fierce, yet a down-to-earth mix of pop music, traditional yoik and improvisational elements.

Barruk sings in one of her mother tongues, Ume Sámi. The language is on UNESCO’s red list of critically endangered languages, but now many Umesámis are taking the language back. For Katarina Barruk, making music in Ume Sámi is a way of inviting her friends and the audience into her universe, where Ume Sámi is a norm, and alive.

On stage, Katarina Barruk is joined by talented and skillful Norwegian musicians. The breathtaking live show brings freedom and a breathing space for people to rest in what it is like to be human.

Katarina Barruk’s second full-length studio album Ruhttuo was released in October 2022. She tours regularly and actively in Norway and Sweden where she has created a loyal audience since the release of her debut album in 2015. In 2020 she received the Swedish “SKAPs Kulturbärarpris” prize for composers.

Katarina Barruk live at NRK Lindmo 11/2022


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Ruhttuo 2022
Báruos 2015