Teho Majamäki Travelogue

Teho Majamäki Travelogue

Teho Majamäki is a Finnish musician, producer, multi-instrumentalist and percussionist with over twenty years of experience in various ensembles. Teho Majamäki Travelogue is a unique world music and visual art spectacle.

The man has travelled far and wide discovering ever changing ambiences, sounds, beats, rhythms and rhymes. The man has listened, drummed, sang and whistled tunes – stories yet unknown. He has listened to the multitude sounds of nature, of people speaking many languages crafting delicate oral histories. He has played with sound, making music, recording, producing – always paying attention to what is unique in the moment.

Majamäki released the album Travelogue through his own record label Udu Mood Music in January 2016. On stage Travelogue transforms into an audio-visual spectacle with multiple staging options and visiting and featuring musicians.

Teho Majamäki & Travelogue Ensemble: Colours (feat. Linda Fredriksson)

Youtube: Travelogue (Live show, Tavastia)
Youtube: One Thousand Names of God (feat. Johanna Kurkela)
Youtube: Lusifer (Travelogue Ensemble feat. Ismo Alanko & Stina Koistinen)


Hufvudstadsbladet 1/2016
Finnish music Quarterly 4/2016